Homebuying Timeline

We will work as a team through the mortgage process; I will be in constant communication with you about application stages and documentation requirements.

2-4 months from move date

Develop a personal checklist, including:
  • Features you’re looking for
  • Locations
  • Budget
  • Personal goals
Submit your application and get pre-approved. Do not apply for any other credit or make any significant purchases on credit. You don’t want to have your credit checked unnecessarily; this could negatively impact your credit score.

Choose your realtor and begin your home search.

45-60 days from move date

Make an offer on the best house for you.

After your offer is accepted, we’ll update your financial documents and you’ll receive a Loan Estimate (LE) package.

Within 10 days of the LE issue date, you’ll need to return your Intent to Proceed.

Home inspection: Choose an inspector and schedule an inspection immediately.

21-28 days from move date

Start packing.

Arrange homeowners insurance, and have your agent contact us. We need to have this information at least 14 days prior to closing.

3-10 days from move date

File address changes with financial institutions, creditors, doctors, insurance, post office, friends and family!

Schedule the utilities for your new home to be transferred into your name.

You will receive a preliminary Closing Disclosure (CD) by mail 3-4 days prior to closing. Revisions may apply.

24-48 hours before closing

We will verify any final mortgage details with you including your cash-to-close funds. Typically, these will need to be wired; I will let you know if other forms of payment are accepted.

Your realtor will arrange a walkthrough of your new home.

Closing day

Sign final loan documents and get the keys to your new home.

File homestead classification as soon as possible, but no later than December 1st with your county.

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